March 23, 2023


 Roger Chavez - recruitment at Emma Donan

Eddie Rangel - Adalante schools director

Maddie McCormick - I69 finish line

Andy Dietrich - INDOT major projects division

Jerry Shepherd - neighbor (wife Ann)

Kate Voss - SEND

Caitlin Morgan - Mayor’s Neighborhood Advocate

Marianna Foulkrod - Service Learning

Karen & John Barton

Rudy Osenbaugh

Ruth Soper

Nigel Shoaf

Andy Kocher


Voted in Richie Griffin


     Treasurer Report: 1713.84 balance

     Andy Kocher update:

     Dr. Tanuja Singh announced as new president of UIndy - Starts July 1

     Met with Governor, Mayor, Lily Endowment

     Dr Singh would like to come to the neighborhood meetings

     Grant opportunity from Lily Endowment about Community Building (up to $25million - matching funds - must be expended in 5 years)

     Apply for planning grant - can apply for full grant in 6 months or 1 year

     Any proposal that only benefits the university will not be accepted

     No concrete ideas yet, will work with partners on ideas

     April 22 - Spring Ball

     Announcement about disciplinary process did go out

     Some students did go through the full disciplinary process

     Working with campus police and Excise to have presence that weekend

     Interim acting police chief - Brandon Pate will come to future meeting

     I69 construction update (flyer)

     Finish Line project last segment of the expansion

     Improve access and safety

     Coming to the end of 20 year project

     Busiest construction year of the 5 year project

     465 updates: added travel lanes from 65 over to 70

     69 up to SR144

     Will be on new pavement by end of construction season

     Smith Valley ramp system end of year

     On or After the 24th of March -

     Eastbound traffic moves onto temporary lanes on the westbound side

     Several ramps are closing for three days between I70 and SR37

     Southbound East Street 465 W ramp closed until end of the project

     Landscaping on I69 will be native focussed - but working with DPT on what they are willing to maintain

     Hannah Street bridge will be replaced, add bike lanes, as part of a different INDOT project

     Planning & environmental study initiative looking at 65 interchanges starting in May - look for Propel Indy in May

     Rethink group got federal grant to do study on recession of south split - looking at a development cap near Virginia/Fletcher ($2.5mil to do study)

     Call INDOT4U for noise complaints

     Follow 465 Clear Path for updates

     65 North lanes opening late April

     Emma Donan/Adalante Schools presentation

     Significant enrollment uptick

     29 new students so far this year

     Soccer season began

     Stronger Together Community Event - May 6 11am - 2pm

     UIndy strongest community advocate

     9 UIndy students working with Leah Cruiser and Marianna through service learning department

     Read Across America event invite (next year)

     12 UIndy students on campus weekly for soccer, aftercare, and art

     School 65

     Still slated to close end of this school year

     Adalante interested in operating in the building

     Diane Arnold IPS Board Commissioner for district 4 (school 65, emma donan) - send advocates to board meetings to keep School 65 open

     IPS gets to decide what to do with the buildings

     Adalante willing to open a lab school there in the 23/24 school year - partner with UIndy school of education

     Action steps:

     Thursday this week (3/23) IPS School Board monthly Action Session (6pm @ John Morton Finney Building 120 E Walnut St)

     Write a letter of support to keep building open

     Jerri already sent letter to IPS on behalf of UHNA | 317.970.4360

     Neighborhood Cleanup on April 29 (9am - 12pm)

     Marianna Foulkrod on behalf of service learning program

     KIB, City of Indianapolis, UIndy - sponsors

     Previously did these events about 13 years ago

     Beautifying Shared Communities

     Collaborate with Mayor’s Liaison (Caitlin)

     Dumpsters, tools, and vests available

     Experience - not day of service - statement that students make to serve and work together to beautify our shared spaces

     Leah at Adelante sending scholars

     Pacers athletic foundation sending people

     Need to get the neighborhood involved as well

     Engagement with neighborhood

     Pocket park ?

     Helping church daycare

     Boundaries (Standish - State - Railroad tracks - Lawrence

     Elderly or at risk neighbors who need project help

     Registering athletic groups, student organizations - assign them projects

     Howard Companies - do street cleanings - sending street sweepers

     Neighbors lead teams?

     Need lists:

     Neighbors who can represent teams

     Neighbors who need help

     April 3 planning meeting

     Marianna ordered t-shirts (starting with 250) - everyone involved gets a shirt

     Flier being finalized this week - with registration link

     Large trash pickup that week? (report missed pickups to the MAC and Caitlin)

     Spring Newsletter

     Invitation to submit content

     Communication at beginning of April - content due March 31

     Graphics and photos

     No website update

     Instagram by Rachel

     SEND updates

     Kate is the new community organizer

     Energize in our neighborhood

     What is a quality of life now for this neighborhood?

     Regrowth program - need supervisor

     Community gardens during summer - raised bed access

     If you have a space idea, let Kate know - need mentors for the young people involved

     Advisory committee being developed

     Caitlin Morgan


     First year of $1 billion plan to update trails, roads, bridges, etc

     2nd of 3rd year $150 million violence reduction strategy

     Peacemakers fellowship

     Re-entry info night on 3/25

     Office of Public Health and Safety open to speaking at a meeting

     Funding for IndyParks from Lily Endowment

     Southside park $2million needed to install new playground, hard courts, shelters

     IndyParks hiring - $500 sign on bonus for

     IndyAmp home refinance program Indy Affordable Modification Program

     Quality of Life

     Nigel representative of UHNA to board of Quality of Life plan

     Transitioning to 22 neighborhoods instead of 8

     Grant for new signage at Garfield Park - adding history of the neighborhood and directional signage

     Ruth on SEND housing team

     Bethany Gardens

     Already had two gardening classes, another class on April 11, May 2

     Free community meal

     New vape shops coming to fountain square area - education/harm reduction

     KIB Adopt A Block Program

     Only two people in University Heights have adopted their block

     You get a bucket, pickup grabber, bags

     UIndy students adopt blocks - Ruth and Marianna connect




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