May 23, 2010

University Heights Neighborhood Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sixteen people present. Minutes of the April 20 meeting were reviewed and approved.

1. Gary Loveless, Mayor’s Neighborhood Liaison

Handed out posters for bank accounts—trying to get people off check cashing places. Passed out rain garden brochures. The City Council approved initiating discussion on the sale of the water company. Some questions and discussion about the financing. E-mail Gary ( and he will send your questions about the sale to the mayor’s staff. There was also a question about the quality of work on the utility project on Hanna.

2. Dept. of Public Works reps Adie Gaines and Marlon Wright talked about the new trash cans. Put your address on the trash can. There is a CAD number that is on the trash can and assigned to the house address. You can have up to 2 cans. The first can is free. An extra can is $65, but it is yours to keep. You need to put all trash in the container and bagged. Bagging will prevent the trash from blowing all over the neighborhood. Pickup is changing from Friday to Wednesday.

There were questions about parking and problems with getting trash picked up, especially on Edwards where cars park on both sides of the street. Put can on the street if possible in those cases. Elderly residents or people with disabilities should call the Mayor’s Action Center at 327-4622. Leaf season will stay the same: bag leaves separately and keep 10 feet away from the trash can. You can drop off trash on Saturdays at 2700 S. Belmont, for a small charge. You can’t leave cans next to the alley during the week, only on trash days. Heavy trash pick up will remain the same.

May 6, 2010

University Heights Neighborhood meeting
Tuesday, May 18, 2010 @ 7-8 pm
Stierwalt Alumni House, located at Otterbein & Windermere

Co-coordinators: Ruth Soper and David Wiese
Secretary: Jim Pennell

Review Minutes of April 20 mtg.
Gary Loveless, Mayor’s Neighborhood Liaison
Election of Co-coordinators
Neighborhood Garage Sale
KIB Tree Planting, May 15
Neighborhood Park Plan
Neighborhood Crime Watch
Website Update
Frequency of future meetings
Your questions and idea

Help us create our community!
Please email your name, address, and phone numbers to Nancy Collins at or sign up at the meeting.

Mayor’s Action Center: 317-327-4622

Please help with the University Heights Neighborhood Association/Keep Indianapolis Beautiful tree planting Saturday, May 15th, 8:30AM-Noon.

Meet at David and Jennifer Wiese’s side yard, Otterbein and Edwards, at 8:30 AM for registration. Coffee and donuts will be provided by UIndy Community Relations.

Let Jim Pennell know if you will be volunteering at, or 782-2543, if you did not sign up at the last meeting. Please DO NOT bring your own tools. These will be provided by KIB. You can bring your own work gloves if you want. KIB will also provide gloves.

We hope to have additional tree plantings and one thing KIB considers is neighborhood participation. So please help us take what is hopefully our first step at beautifying our neighborhood as part of KIB’s NeighborWoods program.
UHNA Meeting Minutes
April 20, 2010

19 in attendance

1. Meeting minutes approved.

2. Gary Loveless, Mayor’s Neighborhood Liaison
Explained some aspects of the utilities sale to Citizen’s Gas.
Central Indiana Coalition for Aging (CICOA): Can get information online to learn about assistance for senior citizens (

Marion County Soil and Water Conservation District: Rain gardens. Native Indiana plants to soak up water. Have plants for sail, rain barrels. Passed out brochures.

Presentation on homelessness at IUPUI Friday, May 7th, 6:30-9:00PM.

Going to be doing energy efficiency work at the City County Building.

Complaints about tree trimming. Perhaps they should take some trees down rather than trimming trees so poorly that they die or look very bad.

Problem of abandoned houses. Properties can go on the mowing list if grass is a foot tall. Then it is cut every 28 days by the city. House on Castle has trees 6 or 7 feet tall. Need to provide him or Mayor’s Action Center an address.

May 2, 2010

University Heights Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes
March 16, 2010

Thanks to those who distributed flyers to announce the meeting.

18 in attendance.

Minutes from the February meeting: Gary Loveless’s last name was corrected.

IndyConnect project:
Gary Loveless, Mayor’s community liaison, discussed last time. They are collecting data on what people want for transportation. They want information about what we want (bicycle paths, sidewalks) and funding ideas. Ruth passed around brochures. You can go to for more information.

Old inter-urban property line along Madison, question about who owns that. Perhaps it could be used.

Reviewed bylaws voted on last meeting. Second vote was unanimous and the neighborhood bylaws were adopted.

Need nominations for the election of (2) co-coordinators, one to serve for one year and one to serve for two years, so that the terms are staggered. People can self-nominate and should encourage neighbors to run. Ruth Soper is willing to run for the one year term. Gabe Granger is possibly interested in serving. Send your nominations to Ruth at before April 9.

FROM: Ruth Soper, UHNA Co-coordinator:
Hi neighbors,
We need your help to keep the University Heights Neighborhood Association growing and thriving. It is time to nominate co-coordinators for the May 18 election . Our organization's leadership is designed so that the co-coordinators share the responsibility of developing agendas and chairing meetings. This gives great flexibility if one coordinator cannot always attend. We want to keep it simple. Nominate yourself or ask someone who you think would help make our association successful and effective. Contact either of us by phone or email for more information. Nominees will present themselves at the April 20, 2010, UHNA meeting.

Jim Pennell 317-782-2543
Ruth Soper 317-784-1427
FROM: Ruth Soper, UHNA Co-coordinator
I am hoping several interested University Heights neighbors can attend this event and report back to us. It is for neighborhood associations to network, share ideas about best practices, green initiatives, sustainable communities, neighborhood improvments, etc. - IT IS FREE. I talked to Jon Berg. He encouraged us to send 3-4 people.

Check out for videos about previous events.

Sign up if you are interested. You can contact me at or 317-784-1427. The next UHNA mtg. is May 18, 2010.

Hello. My name is Karen Barten. I have volunteered to take over the role of maintaining the website for the UHNA. I am very excited about the opportunity to help communicate the happenings in our neighborhood as well as the progress being made through the neighborhood association.

I welcome you to take a look around & visit often as I will be sharing the specifics of upcoming events taking place in our wonderful neighborhood. We have some exciting things going on - like our new park - so stay tuned...