May 23, 2004

Road improvement

The Department of Public Works will hold a public meeting Tuesday, May 25 on the Southside to discuss improvements on East Street (U.S. 31) and Madison Avenue from Lawrence Street to Southern Avenue.

Don't know where this meeting is. But I am gonna try and go.
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May 11, 2004

Cicadas: Check out this map to see when they'll hit.

Brood X, Gen X, will be hitting over the next couple of weeks.

They may ruin your outdoor wedding.

May 3, 2004

I just received the following offer from Dr. Pamela Jackson, Dept. of Sociology, Indiana University. She is looking for families in our neighborhood to be a part of a study.

" Letter of invitation:

You and your family are invited to participate in a study about family, work, and health.

We would like to interview you in-person (we come to you any time and day of the week).

We would like to interview 4-5 of your family members (over the telephone so they can live anywhere in the United States).

Interviews will be completely confidential.

For completing an interview you will receive $20 and a 120 minute phone card.

Your family members who complete a telephone interview will receive a 120 minute phone card.

Sounds like an interesting study plus it includes a bonus.

Here is a web page with more info, or you can download this word document.