June 19, 2016

The following minutes were approved at our last neighborhood meeting, Tuesday, May 17th.

UHNA Meeting Minutes
March 15, 2016

Residents: 18
Guests:  Officer Gomez, IMPD; Jack Sandlin, City-County Councillor; Justin Moed, State Representative;  Scarlet Martin, Southside Quality of Life; Kelly Foulk, Mayor’s Neighborhood Advocate; Julia Woody, Garfield Park Farmers Market; Susan Grade, Garfield Park Arts Center; Blake Tanner, Garfield Public Library; Jefferson Shreve, candidate for State Senate; Jesse Kharbanda, candidate for State Senate

1.     Call to Order and Welcome:  Debby Doan

2.     Review and Approve January 2016 Minutes – approved as distributed

3.     Neighborhood IMPD Officer Gomez
            Officer Gomez introduced himself and asked for any questions.
a.    Types of exams for licensure for driving
b.    Parking restrictions close to corners – re blockage of emergency vehicles
            Officer Gomez advised observation of parking and report of problems to IMPD
            Ticketing follows reports of problems associated with illegal parking

4.      Gratitude:  Debby Doan
Special thanks were given to:
            Jeff Miller, Justin Moed for the Neighborhood Leadership Summit
            Scarlet Martin for the Visioning Summit
            All who attended the Visioning Summit
            The School 65 choir for entertainment at the Visioning Summit
            Greta Pennell for serving as Secretary for the last year.
            Margaret Crail for completing Greta’s term as secretary
            John and Karen Barten for being the new website managers
            Doug Frye of the Plasma Center for the Support Southside shirts

5.     Goals for Neighborhood Association, What is Important to You?:  Ruth Soper
Gave examples of previous goals which have been met and requested attendees give input on current needs and desires for the neighborhood.
Distributed 3x5 cards for attendees to list:
      -What would make life good in neighborhood?
      -What would improve the neighborhood?
      -3 things which can be done to improve neighborhood.
Cards to be turned in by end of meeting.

6.     UHNA Updates/Reminders:  Debby Doan
-Co-Coordinator Position:  Election will occur May 17 at next meeting.  Jeri Warner has agreed to run for Co-Coordinator.  If anyone else would like to run as well, let the current Co-Coordinators know.
-Secretary Position:  Margaret Crail has agreed to complete Greta’s term (1 year)

- John and Karen Barten are the new web managers – taking inspiration from nearby neighborhood associations to establish links to articles in the Indianapolis Star and IBJ.  John working on the web page and Twitter and Karen working on Facebook and Nextdoor

- WOW cards – Available from Debby for distribution to neighbors for acknowledgement of improvements made in the neighborhood.

-National Night out – August 2
      Room has been arranged for at University Heights United Methodist Church.
      Currently three volunteers to assist Debby with arrangements, more needed
      To be a community day with refreshments, art project areas for kids, meet local police officers
      Donations for Raymond Brandes School 65 needed. List of needed items available

7.     Community Park Update
Park maintenance:
Friday April 22, 2016 – Beech Grove H.S. students will work on spring cleanup at Community Park
Saturday April 23, 2016 – Neighbors needed to work on spring cleanup at Community Park, 8:30-12
Further park maintenance and upkeep scheduled in July and September. 

Park use scheduling:
Must schedule use through UINDY

Park use rules being drafted:
Should alcohol consumption be allowed or not?
Should fees be collected for use, if so, who would receive them?

8.      Legislative update:  Justin Moed, State Representative
-Handout provided on legislative work including:  Trespass/graffiti, holding property owners accountable, roads and infrastructure, repeat drug dealing punishment, incentive for “best and brightest to go into teaching, ability to identify repeat sellers to scrapyards to find thieves, and steps to prevent robberies of pharmacies.

9.      Southside Quality of Life Summit Report:  Scarlet Martin
Report on progress made at the Quality of Life Summit identifying 10 areas of work and plan to focus on 7 of the 10 areas in the upcoming Action Team Meetings to be held at the Emma Donnan Middle School on March 22, April 26, May 24 and June 28.  The meetings will begin at 5:30 pm and dinner will be provided.  Participation in these meetings was encouraged.

10.   Report on Southeast Community Services by Caitlyn Stypa was rescheduled for next meeting

11.   Mayor’s Neighborhood Advocate:  Kelly Foulk
-Now is time to sign up for Kindergarten and preschool. Indy.gov website has ratings of schools
-Wheeler Mission looking for volunteers for Easter Dinner service or donations
- Beech Grove “Music on Main” is looking for bands and performers.
- March 31 is last day to register for discounted rate for summer camps at Garfield Park
-Easter Egg hunt at Hubler Chevrolet on March 26, 2016
-Pet adoption special of $30.00 ends March 17, 2016
-Heavy Trash hauling will be one week later this month
-While most alleys have been repaved, she has noted a need for some more work
-Working with UINDY on parking issues, especially at Matthews and Castle

Note: Raymond Brandes School 65 presented Kelly with a certificate honoring her as an outstanding woman in government

12.  Garfield Park Updates:
Julia Woody - presented information on the Farmers Market at Garfield Park. It will be each Saturday beginning May 7.  
Susan Grade – reported on activities available at the Art Center at Garfield Park.  Visual and performance arts, movie nights, summer camps, Orchid show at Conservatory, 100th anniversary of Conservatory, sunken gardens and lighted fountains.
Blake Tanner – reported on the Garfield Public Library.  Merger with Beech Grove Public library is moving forward.

13.  Additional Announcements:
Joy’s House – Special open house for University Heights neighbors will be held on April 4

Protocol for Off Campus parties distributed in case of disruptive parties in neighborhood

New Neighborhood Association – Carson Heights- Troy to Hanna and Carson to Madison –
 Jason Fletcher convening first meeting March 30, 2016.  7 pm. Apostolic Christian Church,
1532 Standish, Indy 46227

Slated candidates for Indiana State Senate in District 36 present:
      Jefferson Shreve
      Jesse Kharbanda

14.  Adjournment.
Next Meeting:  May 17, 2016

Submitted by Margaret Crail, March 16, 2016