March 14, 2011

TUESDAY, MARCH 15, 7:00 P.M.
UIndy Stierwalt Alumni House; the corner of Otterbein & Windermire

1. Review/approve minutes of January mtg. 5 min
2. UIndy student project - Ashley Roy 10-15 min
3. Mayor's Liaison update - Gary Loveless 10 min
4. Nominations for May Election of Co-Coord. and Secy. 10 min
5. KIB tree planting update, May 14, 2011 5 min
6. KIB Great Indy Clean-up, April 5 min
7. Neighborhood questions or concerns 5 min
1. Garden plots available at University Heights UM Church. Contact Ken or Georgia Hottell at 317-787-1286.

2. Student misconduct in the neighborhood. Contact the IMPD non-emergency number at 317-327-3811 and Kory Vitangeli, UIndy Dean of Students, at 317-788-3495 or .

3. Meetings for 2011, 7-8 pm: May 17, July 19, September 20, November 15

March 12, 2011

University Heights Neighbors,
Hopefully, Spring has sprung, and it's time to start thinking about planting flowers and/or vegetables.
The University Heights United Methodist Church is about to break ground on the Community Gardens project on the lot west of the church and east of Bowman (on the alley). They want to create 6 large plots (4'x16') and 2 small plots (4'x8') and would like area residents to become involved to help promote gardening and personal interaction with your neighbors. Rain barrels for watering will be attached to downspouts on the shed located on the lot, so all you need to provide is labor and a few tools.
They are charging a small fee -- just $15 for big plots and $10 for small.Those interested in having a garden or helping should call Ken Hottell at the church at 787-5347 to sign up. You will be asked to sign a rule sheet that states you will plant by a certain time, weed the garden, keep it attractive, and clean up in the fall. Planting dates are May 1 to Oct 31. Since it is raised, it will be easy to reach and take care of. First come, first served.
I've got my name in for one - how about you! :-)

March 10, 2011

From Gary Loveless, Mayor's Neighborhood Liaison:


INDIANAPOLIS – Today, 19 Department of Public Works (DPW) crews are concentrating on the large potholes that could potentially cause property damage. Once the rain subsides and the streets are dry, DPW will continue to repair potholes on the main thoroughfares and the private contractors will continue to fill the potholes in the residential areas.

The crews are using hot asphalt—this results in a more permanent solution to the pothole repair process. Regional paving contractor Rieth-Riley opened its two asphalt plants on Monday, earlier than usual at the City’s request to have access to the hot asphalt. It’s been a diligent effort with DPW crews completing almost 800 pothole service requests on Monday and Tuesday of this week. The number of potholes represented by each service request can vary from one to a dozen.

Residents and commuters are encouraged to let the City know when they spot a pothole. To report a pothole, please visit Potholes can also be reported by calling the Mayor’s Action Center at 327-4MAC.

Hello, neighbors!
Spring is just around the corner! There are several neighborhood events being discussed as the winter weather fades away, so try to make it to the next meeting on Tuesday, March 15, at 7:00 p.m. in the UIndy Alumni House (corner of Otterbein and Windermire) to learn more. An agenda will be sent out the end of this week.
Have a great day!

March 6, 2011

JANUARY 18, 2011
In attendance: 22
1. Ken Hottell - University Heights UMC’s Community Garden:
Ken and Georgia Hottell and Mike Hilgert are doing a community garden at the church on the lot west of the church and east of Bowman (on the alley). They want to create 8 garden plots and need help from the community. There will be 6 large raised beds and 2 small in concrete block with compost and topsoil. Rain barrels for watering will be attached to downspouts on the shed located on the lot. You will need labor and some simple tools to garden. Ken and Georgia are master gardeners and will help.