December 15, 2022

  • Jeri called meeting to order at 7:01pm EST
    8 attendees
    Bruce Coville: update on ReThink 65/70
    ReThink Coalition mission has expanded to include the South Split work
    In coalition with 9 other neighborhoods and ~30 community partners
    9 underpasses/bridge problems between here and Moore Street
    Primary concern for UHNA
    Hanna Ave bridge would be torn down and rebuilt
    No access 12-13 months
    If they are going to rebuild the bridge, ask for as much as possible:
    Make it safe
    Full bicycle access
    DPW has said it must have lights, sidewalk, bike lanes
    Sidewalk on one side, 10ft space on the other side of
    traffic lanes
    Bridge should be a gateway into the community
    Along Troy west of Garfield Park is supposed to be upgraded with sidewalks
    Pleasant Run parkway system being expanded past Bluff Road and down to Troy - will
    connect to Ellenberger Park
    New officers are still needed.
    Treasurer Report:
    Balance is $1313.89
    Includes check deposit of $100 from September, cash deposit of $100 from November - both
    Additions to previous minutes:
    *sign the minutes in the future
    Michelle Strall Salinas from last meeting
    Update SoIndy Trunk or Treat
    CELL at UIndy (Center of Excellence in Leadership & Learning)
    Minutes approved pending changes
    UIndy Update (Andy)
    Monday December 12 finals week begins
    Saturday December 17 Winter Commencement (125 students walking)
    Friday December 23 campus closed

  • eri called meeting to order at 7:01pm
  • Campus will reopen Tuesday January 3
    Tuesday January 17 students return
    Pack the House Basketball Saturday January 21 1pm Womens 3pm Mens
    Football team made playoffs but games will not be at home
    Interesting few months for the university - lower enrollments than seen in the past
    Resizing the university - some departments may be downsized (will be next
    semester before details are known)
    Look at being a smaller institution - stay around 4000 students
    Ongoing search for President
    No concern that there will be any long term impact to the University
    Renovating existing dorms - not planning to increase campus housing
    Bill Nye event was well attended - 2000 attendees
    Question from Ruth: How can we know what is happening on campus
    Is there info from marketing
    Andy will put together a monthly email of events - send to UHNA mailing list
    Christmas concert coming up
    Rental complaints - multiple phone calls this semester
    Draft statement put together to send to student renters, admins, coaches, etc by
    the end of the semester
    (copy of letter provided - give feedback to Andy via email)
    Student discipline cannot be disclosed due to confidentiality reasons - but
    complaints are going on their permanent records and can have real world
    Add student complaint reporting process to Spring Newsletter
    Media event on campus today to educate on the process of reporting overdose
    alcohol events without repercussions
    School 65
    UIndy wants to keep the school open in the community but University doesn’t
    have the financial ability to buy the school and run it
    Open to developing collaborative partnership to keep the school open
    Conversations underway with IPS, school board, innovations operations,
    university to keep the school in operation (school board vote on Thursday
    11/17 night)
    Regardless of vote on Thursday, collaboration on School 65 ideas will
    Jeri reached out to Paige at School 65 after the last meeting - no response on
    how things have progressed
    Sociology Updates:
    Student working on analyzing interviews
    Colleen will update Jeri with findings as they are available
    Property cards database has been updated since last meeting
    Website Updates:
  • Do we want to maintain a website?
    If we want to keep a website, we need a plan to update it
    Colleen feedback that website is good idea for permanence and control of content
    Next steps:
    Find a platform and update the look and feel
    Karen pays for the current website
    Goal is to have website updated for Spring
    Need an IG account for the neighborhood
    Grant Update
    Application submitted for 3 8ft tables, 2 8ft benches, lots of solar lights
    Will update as more information is returned
    INHP housing repair information
    Carson Heights may qualify
    $400,000 available - income qualifications - first come, first served
    Jeanette Smith from SoIndy - Ruth and Jeri on call as well - got signs about INHP
    Ruth to share sign with Debbie Patterson
    IRA Program
    Share link to
    SEND Housing Meeting - job search out for full time neighborhood builder
    Share job description
    Shelby Street Business Development - new business in former Books & Brews -
    Comedy Sportz is now open (only Friday/Saturday right now)
    SoIndy Trunk or Treat
    Not well advertised to community but great community service vendors were
    there - only two families attended
    Nigel considering joining SoIndy board as UHNA representative
    Collaborative Spirit Award - INRC - Debbie request to vote for her neighborhood
    (positive impact neighborhood)
    Proposal due December 5 for storytelling videos
    Meeting adjourned 8:27pm
    Meeting Minutes: Rachel McElwain


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