May 29, 2011

From UHNA Secretary, Jim Pennell...
Hi Neighbors!
Please find attached the minutes from the May 17th meeting where the university presented its rezoning plans to the neighborhood. The minutes are rather long, but I wanted to make sure we captured as much of the question-answer discussion as possible for those who weren't there, as well as for some of us whose memories may not be what they once were.
Since we took so much time with this issue at our meeting and also had an election, I wasn't able to thank everyone who participated in the UHNA-Keep Indianapolis Beautiful tree planting.
Our second tree planting resulted in 40 more trees added to our neighborhood, and we were done by noon again!
Thanks to everyone who helped plant, and everyone who agreed to take care of the trees planted in their yards.
Remember to water each tree with 15 gallons of water between April and October unless it rains one inch during a week (I think you are covered for this week). Let me know if you would like a watering bucket.
Also, thanks to Nancy Collins and David Wantz of UIndy Community Relations for providing us with donuts and beverages, and thanks so much to Ken Hottell and the many members of the University Heights United Methodist Church for participating in the planting.
Last, I am working with KIB to plant a few more trees in our neighborhood this summer to fill in the areas we planted the last two summers (Bowman, Otterbein, and cross streets for a block each direction). A group of volunteers from Honda Corp. (the automaker) are going to plant trees in our neighborhood on June 13th. We are going to replace some trees that died last year, but I'm looking for a couple more spots to plant some additional trees; so please contact me at or 782-2543 to let me know if you would like a tree or two. We should end up with 80+ new trees in our neighborhood from all these efforts. Walk around the neighborhood and enjoy our collective efforts!
Jim Pennell (outgoing UHNA secretary)


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