March 12, 2011

University Heights Neighbors,
Hopefully, Spring has sprung, and it's time to start thinking about planting flowers and/or vegetables.
The University Heights United Methodist Church is about to break ground on the Community Gardens project on the lot west of the church and east of Bowman (on the alley). They want to create 6 large plots (4'x16') and 2 small plots (4'x8') and would like area residents to become involved to help promote gardening and personal interaction with your neighbors. Rain barrels for watering will be attached to downspouts on the shed located on the lot, so all you need to provide is labor and a few tools.
They are charging a small fee -- just $15 for big plots and $10 for small.Those interested in having a garden or helping should call Ken Hottell at the church at 787-5347 to sign up. You will be asked to sign a rule sheet that states you will plant by a certain time, weed the garden, keep it attractive, and clean up in the fall. Planting dates are May 1 to Oct 31. Since it is raised, it will be easy to reach and take care of. First come, first served.
I've got my name in for one - how about you! :-)


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