May 3, 2004

I just received the following offer from Dr. Pamela Jackson, Dept. of Sociology, Indiana University. She is looking for families in our neighborhood to be a part of a study.

" Letter of invitation:

You and your family are invited to participate in a study about family, work, and health.

We would like to interview you in-person (we come to you any time and day of the week).

We would like to interview 4-5 of your family members (over the telephone so they can live anywhere in the United States).

Interviews will be completely confidential.

For completing an interview you will receive $20 and a 120 minute phone card.

Your family members who complete a telephone interview will receive a 120 minute phone card.

Sounds like an interesting study plus it includes a bonus.

Here is a web page with more info, or you can download this word document.


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