September 17, 2023

UHNA Minutes:  July 18, 2023 at UIndy Alumni House

Minutes from March and May meetings accepted.

Treasurer Report: no new deposits/expenses and $1,328.68 in account.

                Vote to approve $180 for 10 new meeting signs passed

                Vote to approve reimburse website payments and Business Entity Report passed.

a) Adoption of time rules passed: “In a better effort to ensure we have a productive meeting each new business will have 5 minutes to speak their point of view. It will be 2mins for questions and 1 minute for rebuttal. After said time this matter can be reopened at the end of the meeting with a majority vote.”

b) UIndy Update (Andy Kocher) – President Tanuja Singh started July 3rd.  August 22nd is move in day for freshman and October 7th is Homecoming.

                Neighbors who would like to receive monthly updates can sign up for newsletters at

c) Construction updates for I-65 Project: Bruce Colville was unable to attend

d) Emma Donnan updates (Eddie Rangel) Open House on Saturday, July 22nd from 11-1:30. UHNA will be there to sign up people.  Patachou Foundation will provide meals for students,

Dr Bill Murphy, COO of IPS, and Board Member, Diane Arnold, spoke about the future of Raymond Brandes building as it’s one of 2 buildings with an unclear future use.

New state law that state could claim building if under 40% usage and difficult for Adelante to achieve those #’s and the demographic age for school age children in area could not fill both buildings.

Dr Murphy will present at next IPS Board meeting to sell the building to another non-profit or charter school. Once a buyer is found, he will need to return to board to sell school building.

Discussion centered on the need for an appropriate organization for the neighborhood to go into the building, with a request to return to UHNA before presenting to IPS board. Discussion also about including a clause to not sublet the building and to restrict the ability to resell.

e) SEND (Kate Voss).SEND is celebrating 40 years at their gala on August 24th. They are looking for nominations for who should be celebrated. She also encouraged individuals to join a committee for the SoIndy Quality of Life Plan.  A new employee, Abby, also a UIndy grad attended. She is working with the community gardens.               

f) Crime and Other Public Safety – Officer Jerabek attended.  He’s a new field officer.  He acknowledged that overdose deaths are happening. Narcan can be picked up at the SE District office.


Old Businesses: An encouragement from Richie to join a committee. A short description of the committee opportunity will be developed with an encouragement for neighbors to join them. 

a) Committees (Richie)

b) Social media accounts/ webpage (Richie)

c) Bylaws (Richie)

d) Summer events (Richie)

e) Block parties (Richie)

f) Board members (Richie)

g) University Heights Community Park

i) Anything I missed – Ruth spoke about the ETOD committee for the SoIndy QoL plan to work on Shelby Street corridor.  If you’re interested in that committee you can reach out to her.



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