March 7, 2014

As I would have liked to see the media focus more on the positive and wonderful things I mentioned about our neighborhood, I feel this Community Action Team initiative is a good start in getting city leaders to understand the real issues we face here in University Heights.  As the story was more geared toward ridding the area of violent crime, I don't personally see that being the main issue we face as residents of University Heights.  I think these upcoming meetings will give neighbors the opportunity to voice true concerns about how they feel the city can better serve this area.  I spoke about investment by quality businesses, accountability of landlords, and need of better public transit among other things.  Unfortunately that did not get mentioned in the news piece.  However, as we move through this process, I think we will have the opportunity to expose the great things that are going on in our neighborhood.  Please check out the segment WTHR ran on the evening and morning news.


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