November 21, 2013

We had quite an informative meeting on Tuesday and there are some follow up items we'd love to get some feedback on.  Please click the Read More link to view the important issues we'd love to hear from you on.  Feel free to e-mail us with any helpful feedback.  We look forward to hearing from you.

1. Land owner George S. Dury of RGB Reality owns the lot on 1517 E. Castle and has torn down the vacant house on the lot.  He wants neighborhood support in petitioning the City of Indianapolis to split the lot and build two new single-family homes (one on each lot).  The homes would be 3BR/2BA and will are intended to be rentals.  However, he said he would be happy to build them and sell them if there was an interested buyer.  Uche and I think this is a positive move in the neighborhood not only for the new homes but for the fact that George is willing to communicate with the association.  We'd love your feedback on this.  If you need more info please let us know.

2. A representative from an organization called Nextdoor presented on a new type of micro-social network geared specifically to small communities and neighborhoods.  It is a way for neighbors to connect and interact to bring communities closer together.  I signed up as a neighborhood founder and would love to have as many neighbors as possible join.  For more information read the posting below.

3. The Mayor's office is looking for 2-3 UHNA representatives to attend meetings and learn more about their new Neighborhood Service Area Program.  The meetings will begin in January and are intended to provide more information regarding what a Neighborhood Service Area is.  We know that the program is meant to bring access to government services closer to our local community.  The 2-3 member team will report back to neighbors at our UHNA meetings.  If you are interested in being a representative please let us know.  For more information click here.

4. Check out the post below to view great photos of our recent 2013 Halloweenie Roast!


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