September 24, 2013

INDIANAPOLIS – (September 24, 2013) Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc. (KIB) has announced that six neighborhood beautification projects have been chosen as part of KIB’s IPL Project GreenSpace for 2014. Nearly 40 applications were submitted for the program this year, showing the desire for community greenspace in our city.

Since 1995, KIB, in partnership with Indianapolis Power & Light Company (IPL) and the City of Indianapolis has helped neighborhoods, schools, churches, and other community-based organizations create vibrant public spaces. The following projects have been selected to receive assistance through KIB’s IPL Project GreenSpace in 2014:

Fletcher Place Gateway (Fletcher Ave. & I-65 exit ramp) — KIB will work alongside Fletcher Place neighbors to create a vibrant gateway to the community utilizing native plants and public art. Additionally, this project will assist the community in development of a defined neighborhood identity and build upon the community engagement initiatives currently taking place in this neighborhood.

Westminster Pocket Park (East New York Street at Keystone Ave.) — Working with the Westminster Neighborhood Ministries, KIB will create a community pocket park and rain garden. Long range plans for this community project include an edible garden that will serve patrons of the adult serves community center that is currently under construction.

Historic Meridian Park (33rd Street, between Delaware Street & Washington Blvd.) — With a goal to develop a safe and beautiful space that residents of diverse backgrounds can connect, and improve their quality of life; KIB will work closely with the HMP neighborhood association to put the park in Historic Meridian Park. E.N.G.I.N.E. Nature Play Space (Mount Street, between Tremont Street & Belleview Pl.) — The transformation of a vacant lot in this near west community will create a pocket park featuring nature play elements; complete with native plants and natural play scape elements.

University Heights Pocket Park (4133 Mathews Avenue) —A partnership between KIB, the University Heights neighborhood, and the University of Indianapolis will transform the former site of a vacant apartment building into a community pocket park and greenspace. 

St. Benedict Greenspace (1402 Southern Avenue) —A native plant oasis and community meditation space will be constructed on the grounds of the St. Benedict Inn. This space will serve as a welcoming gateway to the Beech Grove neighborhood, with long term plans to serve as a potential native outdoor laboratory.

KIB would like to thank the various city and community development professionals, design professionals, and KIB donors who assisted in project selection for 2014. The IPL Project GreenSpace Program is made possible by the support of various sponsors, including the City of Indianapolis, and Indianapolis Power & Light Company. For more information on KIB’s IPL Project GreenSpace, please visit project_greenspace.

About Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc. (KIB) Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc. is a private, nonprofit organization with a mission to engage diverse communities to create vibrant public places, helping people and nature thrive. In 2012, KIB worked with more than 30,000 volunteers on over 600 community projects. To learn more, visit, or follow us on Twitter @kibiorg and like us on Facebook @kibiorg.

Article from KIB


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