August 29, 2008

A new change to Indiana State Law could allow people in our neighborhood to send the children to Perry Township schools. Here we are in University Heights neighborhood which is in Perry Township, yet because of the way they did things in the past, students here go to IPS. What if this change in state law allowed students to be sent to Perry Township Schools? Would that allow more families to move into our neighborhood? More homeowners?

From the Indianapolis Star:


In the past, schools have charged parents as much as $5,000 a year to recoup the difference between what the state paid to teach their child and what local taxpayers contributed. But next year, the state will pick up schools' entire operating budgets as a way to reduce property taxes.

With the state paying all operating costs, tuition will largely be a thing of the past after this semester, though some districts can still charge small amounts.

The new rules should give parents more opportunity to choose their child's school. Unless the legislature steps in, though, school districts have discretion to decide whether to accept transfer students and, if they do, which ones they will accept.



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