October 26, 2007

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What can we do with our leaves and small branches during this fall season?

A: Our City will start collecting your leaves and small branches from November 5-30th. You will be allowed 30 bags of leaves along with your normal trash. Small branches will be picked up as well as long as they are cut in to 3’ lengths and bundled together. Place them beside your trash and they will be picked up along with your trash pickup.

A Job Well Done!

On October 22, Officer Malachi West responded to a burglary in progress in the Port O Call Apartments. Suspect information was provided by an eye witness and this information was broadcast to the responding officers. Two male suspects driving a white Ford Crown Victoria were seen leaving the apartment complex. Officer West was enroute to the scene and observed the suspect vehicle enter I-465 in a northbound direction of travel from Rockville Rd. He pursued the vehicle to 10th and Beachway Drive where he was able to bring the vehicle to a stop. The two male subjects inside the vehicle matched the description of the burglary suspects, and further observed a large screen television in the rear seat area of the car. During this investigation, Officer West found that one of the suspects had an extensive criminal history. Assisting Officers responded to the scene of the burglary and confirmed that the apartment has been ransacked and that a television was stolen from the interior of the apartment. Officer West then conducted a show-up line up which resulted in both the suspects being positively identified as the persons responsible for the burglary. Both suspects were arrested for residential burglary. Officer West’s prompt response and outstanding observational skills resulting the apprehension of two burglary suspects. I hope you will join me in congratulating Officer West for a job very well done.


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