May 31, 2005

A recent article discusses traffic calming and speed humps being used in Indianapolis and elsewhere. On the MPO section of the city site, the article is educational. From what I read both Edwards Avenue and Lawrence Avenue would benefit from Mid-Block Speed Control.

Mid-block traffic calming for long, straight blocks, forces the driver to concentrate and slow down. Chicanes and mid-block medians force a "wiggle" to straight streets to discourage speed. They also enhance the design character of the street, particularly in combination with street tree planting. Speedhumps would work also.

I would like to pursue some of these improvements for my street, Edwards Ave. Because it has no stop between State Street and Otterbein and police rarely ever stop people for traffic infractions here, motorcyclists, mopeders, and drivers fly down the street sometimes seeing how fast they can go. The drivers disregard the obvious fact that this is a residential street with children and pets frequently crossing the street.

If you would like to contact me, my email is mr.greg.filter (use the @ symbol here)
I would like help on this project.

way to make certain streets safer, more
friendly places for pedestrians, drivers
and neighboring residents alike,” says
Greiwe. No wonder 40 speed humps
have been placed in 16 Indianapolis
neighborhoods since 1995. “They’re a
less intrusive traffic-calming technique
than some,” Greiwe notes, “and completely
effective when excessive speed
is the problem.”
Before speed humps can be installed,
a petition requesting assistance must be
signed by three-quarters of all affected
property owners. Then, the city collects speed and volume
data to determine whether or not there is more traffic than
accounted for by local residents, indicating “cut through”
usage, and that its average speed exceeds recommended limits.
If these criteria are met, speed humps are installed pending
scheduling and funding.


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